Newport-on-Tay East

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East Newport (1878-1950)
Newport-on-Tay East (1950-1969)

Opened on the Newport Railway.


This was a two platform station with a loop on a single line. The main station building was on the eastbound platform, at its south end. The signal box was half way along the same platform.

There was a goods yard on the west side, approached by reversing from the north Behind the box was the goods shed.

The line east to Tayport was closed in 1966 to allow work on the Tay Road Bridge to begin. The line was cut back to Craighead Crescent to the north of the station, allowing the north end to remain for reversal into the goods yard. The new embankment crossing the trackbed was just a little further north and as the road is a dual carriageway a long bridge would have been required over the line whose future was already in doubt. The signal box closed in 1967. The line closed altogether in 1969.

The station site is now East Station Place. The station building survives as a fine house with the roadway replacing the tracks. The platforms no longer exist nor the goods yard and houses line either side of the cul-de-sac.



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Chronology Dates

22/05/1966Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tayport closed, replacement bus starts.
23/05/1966Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tayport closed to all traffic.
02/01/1967Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tay Bridge South Junction closed to freight.
18/09/1967Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tayport bus ceases.
18/12/1967Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Tayport official closure date (closed early due to Tay Road Bridge works).
05/05/1969Newport Railway
Newport-on-Tay East to Dundee (Tay Bridge South Junction) closed to passengers.