Leuchars (Old)

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Names and dates

Leuchars [1st] (1848-1852)
Leuchars Junction [1st] (1852-1876)
Leuchars (Old) (1876-1921)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.

Opened on the St Andrews Railway.

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This was a four platform station. A bay existed on either side for the [St Andrews Railway] branch. To the south of the station was a small yard on the west side of the line. The main station building was on the southbound platform.

There was a level crossing at the north end of the station. On the south side of this was a footbridge between the platforms. The signal box was by the level crossing.

The line north to Tayport was singled in 1929. The station had closed in 1921, becoming a goods depot. The line north closed altogether in 1956, but the railway remained at the old station, cut back to the south side of the level crossing. The signal box closed in 1959 and four track railway reduced to a single line.

The line closed altogether in 1967.

The station site has been absorbed by road improvements and the western portion is now a car park.