Leith North Goods

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Leith North Goods (1864-1970)

Opened on the Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This goods yard was the terminus of the line from Crew Junction opened in 1864. In 1879 the line was opened to passengers too, with a new terminus North Leith being built to the south and additional lines laid from Newhaven Junction.

The yard was approached from the south west with a number of loops to its immediate west. To the east were the Leith West Old Dock, Leith East Old Dock and Leith Victoria Dock and a connection via the swinging Victoria Swing Bridge [Leith] to the Leith Albert Dock and Leith Edinburgh Dock. These docks were served by the lines of the Leith Harbour and Dock Commissioners Railway.

The line to Crew Junction closed in 1968 but the goods yard remained open for a short time until 1970, served via the connection through the dock from South Leith and reversal.

The rail link to the new Chancelot Mill [2nd], just to the north, was to survive even longer, although this involved new lines not the original goods yard.


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07/08/1862Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Crew Junction (Granton Branch (Caledonian Railway)) to Leith North Goods and the Leith Western Docks authorised. Agreement with Leith Dock Commissioners. Includes Pilton Junction Branch (Pilton Junction West to Pilton Junction East).
05/08/1968Leith New Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Leith High Depot to Leith North Goods (excluded) closed. (Latterly accessed via the Leith Harbour and Dock Commissioners Railway dock lines from the Edinburgh, Leith and Newhaven Railway).
  /  /1970Leith North Branch (Caledonian Railway)
Leith North Goods closed. (Accessed from former North British Railway lines latterly).