Kirkintilloch Basin

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Kirkintilloch Basin (1828-1828)
Kirkintilloch Basin (1839-1840)
Kirkintilloch Basin (1844-1846)

Opened on the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway.


This was the northern terminus of the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway at 90 degrees to the Forth and Clyde Canal. It was a goods depot and briefly a passenger station. It was located in the west of Kirkintilloch. Also known as Middlemuir Basin.

Coal from the Monklands could be shipped by the canal east to Edinburgh (and west to Glasgow although this was in competition with the existing Monkland Canal with a similar mileage by canal).

Initially, in 1826, the line ran to a wharf on the south bank of the canal.

From 1828 a horse drawn coach met passenger boats. The coach ran to Airdrie Leaend. How long this service operated it difficult to discern. It is unlikely there was a passenger station as such.

In 1835 the canal company opened a basin alongside on railway land. The basin was on the west side of the railway which opened a fan of rails to serve it on both sides.

Another horse operated service to Airdrie operated around 1839/40. Finally a horse service to the Bothlin Viaduct, interconnecting with the then new Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway, operated from 1844 to 1846.

A second basin was opened and further sidings served this. The second basin was to the west of the original and connected to it rather than the canal directly.

A proper station opened at Kirkintilloch [2nd] in 1848 on the Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).

A large loading bank was built in the yard to the east of the east basin. This was largely a coal depot.

Arrival of the railway also brought industry. These were served by the railway and laid out from west to east:
Kirkintilloch Nickel Works (1882)
Basin Iron Foundry (1872) (west side of basin)
McGregors Shipyard (1902) (on central pier of basin, a timber yard prior to 1902)
Coal staith (south end of east basin)
Coal yard (the original terminus east of the basins)
Star Foundry (1861)
J and J Hay Shipyard (1867) (a ship building and repair yard)

At the station throat were offices ('Basin Station' on the west side of the line), a further building (ruined by the 1960s) and a water tank.

The canal basin was filled in, in the 1960s.

The canal closed in 1963 and the railway survived to serve the Star Foundry, coal depot and cement works. It closed in 1966.

The canal re-opened to through traffic in August 2001. The basin has been partly dug out again, now Southbank Marina .

To the south is Whitegates, an area named for the former level crossing over the Lenzie Road.


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26/12/1844Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway
Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway's Horse-drawn service between Kirkintilloch Basin station and new Kirkintilloch station commences.