Dunfermline City

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Names and dates

Dunfermline Lower (1890-1969)
Dunfermline [3rd] (1969-2005)
Dunfermline Town (2005-2022)
Dunfermline City (2022-)

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Opened on the West of Fife Railway and Harbour.
Open on the Fife Circle.
Open on the Stirling, Alloa and Kincardine.


This is a two platform station with the main station building on the northbound platform. The building is a stone built single storey with a canopy over the entrance. A flat roofed platform canopy runs the full length of the building. Opposite is a modern brick shelter. There are car parks on either side of the station.

The station replaced the 1877 Dunfermline (Comely Park), which was essentially on the same site aligned a little further east. This was a three platform station - two mainline platforms, the up platform being an island with another face. There was a goods yard on the north side, approached by reversal. The third platform is abandoned and the goods yard is now a car park.

The signal box was at the east end of the main station building. It opened on the existing 1866 line in 1877 with the opening of Dunfermline and Queensferry Railway from Charlestown Junction (a little way south west of the station) to North Queensferry [1st].

The box closed in 1978.

To the west of the station is Woodmill Viaduct.

Dunfermline Queen Margaret is to the north east serving the hospital of the same name and new housing estates nearby.

Dunfermline (Upper) (1849-1968) was to the north on the closed route west via Oakley to Alloa.

Dunfermline [1st] (1833-1834)) was the terminus of the Elgin Railway. Dunfermline Netherton (1834-1863) was its replacement nearby.


Dunfermline Abbey is about half a mile to the west.



Chronology Dates

07/07/1930Kincardine Branch (North British Railway)
Kincardine and Dunfermline Railway (North British Railway)
West of Fife Railway and Harbour
Alloa [1st] (Kincardine Junction) to Dunfermline Lower via Culross closed to passengers.
07/10/1968Stirling and Dunfermline Railway
Stirling to Alloa [1st] to Dunfermline Lower (Touch South Junction) closed to passengers.
  /06/2008West of Fife Railway and Harbour
Suggestion that Dunfermline Town be renamed Dunfermline City to support the town's status. Not carried out. (Dunfermline became a city in 2022.)
  /11/2022West of Fife Railway and Harbour
Dunfermline Town renamed Dunfermline City.

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03/02/2023Fife Circle rail services to be reviewed by ScotRail [Dunfermline Press]
24/11/2022Dunfermline: New signs installed at Dunfermline City Station [Dunfermline Press]
03/10/2022Historic city status for Dunfermline sees station name change [ScotRail]