Dunfermline Town

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Names and dates

Dunfermline (Lower) (1890-1969)
Dunfermline [3rd] (1969-2005)
Dunfermline Town (2005-)

Opened on the West of Fife Railway and Harbour.

Open on the Fife Circle.
Open on the Stirling, Alloa and Kincardine.

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This is a two platform station with the main station building on the down platform.

The station replaced Dunfermline (Comely Park), which was to the immediate east. This was a three platform station - two mainline platforms, the up platform being an island with another face. There was a goods yard on the north side, approached by reversal. The third platform is abandoned and the goods yard is now a car park.


Dunfermline Abbey is about half a mile to the west.