Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)


This line is open to passenger traffic and goods traffic. It runs from Lesmahagow Junction by Motherwell (New) station to Braidhurst (to the south of Mossend) it joins the original route through Motherwell. The course of the original route has now largely disappeared save for an abandoned viaducts piers and some hints of track formation.


  /  /1847Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Motherwell and Wishaw and Coltness Connecting Branch authorised.
  /  /1848Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Motherwell and Wishaw and Coltness Connecting Branch abandoned.
  /  /1854Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Line authorised as the Motherwell Branch. This line would improve connections at Lesmahagow Junction and bypass and replace the Jerviston Viaduct.
08/10/1857Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway)
Line opened from Jerviston Junction (Wishaw and Coltness Railway) to Lesmahagow Junction (Clydesdale Junction Railway). The line allowed Motherwell [1st] station to be moved further west to Motherwell atLesmahagow Junction. Motherwell [1st] remained standing and Motherwell was opened in the V of the junction at Lesmahagow Junction. A large viaduct was required, Braidhurst Viaduct.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

At Milnwood Junction, just south of the former Holytown [1st] and south of the former Mossend station and Mossend Marshalling Yard, lines from Bellshill, Mossend and Holytown meet. To the south was Jerviston Junction and the lines to Clydesdale Steel Works.

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Looking south at Mossend South Junction. The former Clydesdale Steelworks are on the left. ...
Ewan Crawford //
View over Milnwood / Mossend South Junction with lines diverging to Holytown, Coatbridge Central and Bellshill. In the background is British Steel ...
Bill Roberton 01/05/1991
Aerial view of the junctions to the south of Mossend Yard looking west. Note the Freightliner on the north to east curve. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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This junction was south of Milnwood Junction. Most recently (1993) it provided access to the line to Ravenscraig No 3 Yard used for trips from Mossend Marshalling Yard to deliver limestone to the works and take strip coil away. It had also served the sizeable Clydesdale Steel Works yard, which closed slightly earlier.

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This masonry viaduct carries the double track Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway) over the South Calder Water.

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View looking west to the Braidhurst Viaduct on the Motherwell Deviation. The deviation runs from Jerviston Junction (New) south to Lesmahagow Junction ...
Ewan Crawford 10/05/2008
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This is at the north end of the former Motherwell MPD. The former shed is on the west side of the line. The Braidburst Loops are on either side of the line between here and Lesmahagow Junction. To the north is the Braidhurst Viaduct.

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This is a double ended shed with ten roads located to the west of the Motherwell Deviation Line and just north of Lesmahagow Junction. Approach is from the north and south.

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The word 'grabshot' seems to be an excuse for a rubbish photograph so here is a grabshot of a resting Class 365 at the former Motherwell depot. Seen ...
David Panton 22/06/2019
EWS liveried 37427 and 37421 stored at Motherwell MPD, with an inspection saloon, on 7th September 2008. 37427 was later sold to DRS and taken to ...
Jim Prentice 07/09/2008
365519 at the South end of Motherwell shed on 27th June 2019.
Alastair McLellan 27/06/2019
Pair of EWS shunters sidelined at Motherwell MPD. Seen from a passing train in January 2007. ...
John Furnevel 05/01/2007
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View across Lesmahagow Junction with a ballast train in the foreground reversing into the Findlays Sidings. In the background is 37140 with a ...
Ewan Crawford //1988
26 011 shunts ballast at Lesmahagow Junction, Motherwell. ...
Ewan Crawford //1988
A Black 5 leaves Motherwell on 5 July 1964 with a stopping train for Glasgow Central. ...
John Robin 05/07/1964
A dull and overcast Autumn day in Motherwell in 1970, contributed to in no small way by a pair of Claytons struggling past with a freight. Lead ...
John Furnevel 30/10/1970
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