Jerviston Junction

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Jerviston Junction (1900-)

Opened on the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Clydesdale Steel Works.
Opened on the Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Ravenscraig Steelworks (David Colville and Sons).


This junction was south of Milnwood Junction. Most recently (1993) it provided access to the line to Ravenscraig No 3 Yard used for trips from Mossend Marshalling Yard to deliver limestone to the works and take strip coil away. It had also served the sizeable Clydesdale Steel Works yard, which closed slightly earlier.

This was the second junction of this name. Jerviston Junction [1st] was on the original course of the Wishaw and Coltness Railway just north of Jerviston Viaduct and provided access to a colliery at Cleekhimin.

With the opening of the Motherwell Deviation Line (Caledonian Railway) the original route via the Jerviston Viaduct began to be wound down. The Cleekhimin branch was gone by the 1880s and main route was moribund by the 1890s.

A box existed at Jerviston Junction as the Motherwell Deviation line south from Milnwood Junction had a loop on its east side, the box here presiding over the south end of the loop. The box was on the east side where the loop rejoined the main line.

In 1900 a new mineral line (Motherwell New Lines (Caledonian Railway)) was laid from Jerviston Junction, using much of the moribund Wishaw and Coltness route and then the Cleekhimin branch and finally a new line to approach Coursington Road Junction from the north. There was a small deviation at Jerviston Junction [1st].

The signal box at Jerviston Junction was in the 'V' of the junction. A new box opened in 1900 in a similar position to the original box.

Around 1902/03 a new line from Jerviston Junction north to Milnwood Junction and on to Mossend No 1 Junction was laid. This quadrupled the line between Jerviston and Mossend Marshalling Yard.

The route to Coursington Road closed in 1930. The northern portion remained in use for Clydesdale Steel Works.

Around 1956 the line was relaid to provide access to Ravenscraig No 3 Yard. This line carried limestone from Shap Hardendale Quarry to the works (tripped from Mossend to Ravenscraig No 1 Yard) and strip coil from the works (to Mossend).

In 1972 the signal box was closed, taken over by the Motherwell Signalling Centre. The quaruple line north to Milnwood Junction was reduced to a double track (in 1964?).

Clydesdale Steel Works ceased to dispatch pipes by rail about 1987/88 and the line remained for Ravenscraig only until 1993.