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Dalwhinnie (1863-)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.

Opened on the Dalwhinnie Distillery Branch.

Open on the Highland Main Line.


This two platform station still has a station building, signal box and footbridge. It is located at the north end of the double track section from Blair Atholl. The main building is on the southbound platform.

North of the station is the signal box, and base of a water tank, on the west side with the goods yard sidings, now a permanent way depot, on the east side opposite.

The name arose from the meeting of drove roads at this location, Dail-coinneeamh in Gaelic. The famous Thieves' Road runs south from here by Loch Ericht to Corrour. The other routes are roads today.

The line is supported and promoted by the Highland Main Line Community Partnership .


Dalwhinnie Distillery is north of the station.


Opposite the station is 2 Station Cottage .





Gaelic name: Dail-coinneeamh


  /  /1960Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
The double track between Blair Atholl and Dalwhinnie was singled with passing places at Dalnacardoch and Dalnaspidal.
  /  /1970Inverness and Perth Junction Railway
Line between Blair Atholl and Dalwhinnie re-doubled. This was done in connection with the oil industry and anticipated extra traffic. The traffic did not increase as much as expected but the double track has been retained.