Burntisland Junction

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Burntisland Junction (1847-1969)
Burntisland Junction (1979-2010)

Station code: National Rail
Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.


This junction was east of the 1847 Burntisland [1st] terminus and its 1890 replacement Burntisland.

The junction was originally formed between the approach to Burntisland [1st] and the harbour lines to its south. These lines extended to Burntisland Albert Pier from which steamers ran to Granton. Alongside, a little to the east, was the goods pier and slip for the train ferry to Burntisland.

To the east the junction also controlled access to the Burntisland Works.

The original signal box, a two storey brick building with a hipped roof, was on the north side of the line and west of the Lammerlaws road bridge.

In 1890 the Aberdour Line (North British Railway) extended the line west via Aberdour to Inverkeithing and in the process the original Burntisland [1st] station was left on a short branch, connecting, with a single lead junction, to the east end of the new Burntisland station.

The signal box was replaced with a new building on the south side of the line est of the station. This was further west of the original junction and an additional cross over from the main line to harbour line was installed west of the Lammerlaws bridge. The rear of the box overlooked the harbour.

In 1901 Burntisland East Junction opened with the opening of the Burntisland East Dock and Lammerlaws Yard. The older dock connection also remained.

The signal box closed in 1936 when taken over by the Burntisland East box took over. The approach to Burntisland [1st] was altered to be approached from the dock lines, allowing the Burntisland Junction box to closed.

In 1969 Burntisland Junction was taken out. It was reinstalled in 1979 when Burntisland East Junction and most of Lammerlaws Yard closed. This was during the resignalling when the Edinburgh Signalling Centre took over.

The dock lines closed around 1993.

In 1998 an MGR derailed here. After this the trailing crossover was taken out. The harbour line was disconnected around 2010.


Junction 10/10/2019


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