Burntisland East Junction

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Burntisland East Junction (1901-1979)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.


This junction was east of Burntisland and Burntisland Junction. It opened in 1901 along with the associated Lammerlaws Yard and Burntisland East Dock.

A new signal box, Burntisland East, opened with the junction. This was a little to the west, on the south side of the line, and at the east end of the Burntisland Works.

There was a series accident here (between Burntisland Junction and Burntisland East Junction) by Burntisland Works in 1914 in which the locomotive 'Auld Reekie' ended up in sand on north side of the line.

The box took over Burntisland Junction box in 1936 and was itself renamed Burntisland Junction.

In 1969 Burntisland Junction was taken out, approach to Burntisland Harbour being entirely from the east junvtion.

With the 1979 resignalling (signalling taken over by the Edinburgh Signalling Centre) the box closed, Burntisland East Junction was taken out (along with much of Lammerlaws Yard) and Burntisland Junction reinstated.

The dock lines fell out of use around 1993.



Chronology Dates

14/04/1914Edinburgh and Northern Railway
Collision at Burntisland East Junction between London to Aberdeen Joint express and Carlisle to Dundee goods.


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