Burntisland Works

Location type

Loco shed

Name and dates

Burntisland Works (1847-1920)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Northern Railway.


The works of the Edinburgh and Northern Railway were at Burntisland, a little east of Burntisland [1st], beyond the Lammerlaws bridge, and south of the line. The works were approached from the west. The site was dominated by the large sixteen road roundhouse, its entry arch being the shed^s water tank. The roundhouse was topped with a large cone shaped roof.

On site, approximately from west to east, were
- coaling stage
- Lammerlaws bridge
- stores
- water tank
- roundhouse
- blacksmith^s shop
- offices
- carpenter^s shop
- wagon shop
- lathe shop

With the addition of Lammerlaws Yard approach from the east at Burntisland East Junction to serve Burntisland East Dock the works was entirely surrounded by tracks.

The works closed around 1920 and shed remains in used, it was a sub shed of Thornton in 1933. The shed closed shortly after the roundhouse was demolished.


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