St Johns Junction

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St Johns Junction (1875-1913)

Opened on the City of Glasgow Union Railway.


This junction was east of Gallowgate station. To the east the line split into four routes which were, from north to south, the goods loop used for reversal into College Goods, the line to High Street Junction, a series of dead end sidings and the link to Gallowgate Central Junction.

The line here first opened 1870/71 and Gallowgate provided a terminus for the line from Airdrie before College [1st] opened.

The first signal box here opened in 1875. The box was on the south side of the line.

College Goods opened in 1883.

The box was replaced in 1893 when the link to Gallowgate Central on the Glasgow City and District Railway opened.

The Gallowgate Central link did not survive long and closed in 1913. The box was moved in 1917.

In 1962 College Goods closed.

The box closed in 1967, the year after Glasgow St Enoch closed to passengers and at the same time as St Enoch's box closed. Control of the line at St Johns passed to High Street Junction.

Today there is no junction here and the line becomes a single lead to the east on the approach to High Street Junction.