Riccarton and Craigie

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Riccarton and Craigie (1902-1902)

Opened on the Thirdpart Junction to Mayfield Junction (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This was an island platform station which never opened to regular traffic. The line, opened in 1902, was used for diversions. The station was south of Kilmarnock on a line which essentially bypassed the town for traffic originating to the east such as at Galston and passed through to the west towards Barassie. There was also a link to Kilmarnock station.

There was a goods yard, Riccarton Goods, to the east on the north side of the line, approached from the west.

The island platform had a canopied building. A subway at the east end gave access. The building was removed before the Second World War.

A short branch to the west served the River Bank Gas Works and Kilmarnock Corporation Tramways depot (which later became Greenholm Power Station).

The signal box near here, (see Riccarton Signal Box) opened in 1907, closed in 1938 and was replaced with a ground frame. The line was singled and operated one-engine-in-steam. A marshalling yard developed on the north side of the line and the site of the station, the platform being removed. Conveyors ran north over the River Irvine to Greenholm Power Station. The line to the west was cut back and ceased to be a through route to Thirdpart Junction, the cut back line was retained as a headshunt (at the former Riccarton Signal Box) for the River Bank Gas Works branch.

Closure was in the late 1960s.


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  /  /1938Thirdpart Junction to Mayfield Junction (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Thirdpart Junction (excluded) to Riccarton and Craigie (excluded) closed. Bellfield Junction (excluded) to Mayfield Junction (excluded) closed.