Newton Junction [Ayr]

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Newton Junction [Ayr] (1870-)

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Opened on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway.
Opened on the Falkland Yard and Ayr Harbour (Glasgow and South Western Railway).
Opened on the Ayr and Mauchline Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway).


This 1870 junction was south of Newton-on-Ayr station (1886). Four lines meet here, the main Glasgow to Ayr railway and branches to Ayr Harbour and Mauchline on the main line to Carlisle.

To the north of ^Tam^s Brig^ a freight curve runs west to Ayr Harbour Junction (for the harbour) and the main line goes north through Newton-on-Ayr station with a freight bypass for Falkland Yard on its west side.

To the south of the bridge the main line runs south to Ayr station. To its east is the curve to Blackhouse Junction for the line which continues east to Annbank and Mauchline. From this curve, and in the ^V^ of the junction, was the northern approach to Ayr Shed.

A box opened with the junction. When it was replaced it was with a tall box which was on the east side of the line south of the bridge. The box was sufficiently tall to see over the road to the northern part of the junction.

The box closed in 1985, replaced by a temporary box at Ayr as part of the Ayrshire resignalling just in advance of the electrification of the Ayr line.