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Bervie (1865-1926)
Inverbervie (1926-1951)

Opened on the Montrose and Bervie Railway.


This 1865 terminus was located close to the shore to the south east of Inverbervie. It had a single platform, on the west side of a loop, and a goods yard on the east side, approached, like the passenger station, from the south. The layout of the station was spacious.

There was a carriage siding off the loop, approached by reversing from the platform. A locomotive shed was reached from the goods yard and loop line at the south end of the station, on the east side. Inverbervie Shed was reached by reversing from the turntable.

A signal box opened in 1893. It closed in 1927.

The station closed to passengers in 1951 and the line closed completely in 1966.

Hallgreen Castle stands to the south of the site, overlooking the station and Bervie Bay where the Bervie Water reaches the sea.

The Kirk Burn carpark is the site of the goods yard, the passenger station site is backed by Hallgreen Road. A railway gatepost still stands by the station site entry, now a footpath.


National Cycle Route 1 follows the route of the former line south to Montrose.

The Grassic Gibbon Centre is three miles to the north west of the former station.


Station terminus footpath

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Chronology Dates

01/11/1865Montrose and Bervie Railway
Line opened with stations at Broomfield, St Cyrus, Lauriston, Johnshaven, Gourdon, Bervie.
  /  /1886Aberdeen Railway
Agreement allows the North British Railway to use Broomfield Siding and Broomfield Junction on the Montrose [CR] branch, crossed by Montrose to Bervie trains following the NBR's take over.
  /  /1926Montrose and Bervie Railway
Bervie renamed Inverbervie.
01/10/1951Montrose and Bervie Railway
Inverbervie to Montrose (Broomfield Junction) closed to passengers. North Water Bridge, St Cyrus, Lauriston, Johnshaven, Birnie Road Siding, Gourdon, Inverbervie closed.
22/05/1966Montrose and Bervie Railway
Local of Johnshaven, Mary Officer, organises final passenger train to celebrate the branch. The six coach train works twice between Montrose and Inverbervie such is the number of tickets sold.
23/05/1966Montrose and Bervie Railway
Inverbervie to Montrose (Broomfield Junction) closed to freight and completely. The branch was lifted in 1966.

News items

30/09/2021The end of the line for the Bervie to Montrose passenger train 70 years ago [The Courier]


The Montrose & Bervie Railway: A Study of Transport in South-East Kincardineshire 1770-1966