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Broomfield (1865-1869)

Opened on the Montrose and Bervie Railway.


This was a short lived single platform station on the Montrose and Bervie Railway. Also known as Broomfield Road or Broomfield Road Junction.

The station was opened during a disagreement between the branch line and the Caledonian Railway whose Montrose [CR] station was accessed via Broomfield Junction just to the south of the station. It closed in 1869, except perhaps to southbound trains, but the platform and building remained in existence for a considerable time, until line closure. It remained in timetables until 1877.

The station consisted of a single platform, on the west side of the line, a loop and a siding, on the east side of the line and approached from the north.

The location is now an overgrown footpath, landscaped area and Broomfield Crescent.


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Broomfield Road Broomfield Road Junction

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Chronology Dates

01/11/1865Montrose and Bervie Railway
Line opened with stations at Broomfield, St Cyrus, Lauriston, Johnshaven, Gourdon, Bervie.
  /11/1869Aberdeen Railway Montrose and Bervie Railway
Broomfield closed. Remained in timetables until 1877.


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