Forres South Junction

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Forres South Junction (1863-1966)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This junction was the southern apex of the triangular junction created with the opening of the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway and its Forres [2nd] station.

The junction was to the south of the station with a double track serving two platforms going north west to Forres West Junction and a single line serving one platform going north east to Forres East Junction. In addition there was a goods bypass line on the west side of the west curve.

A signal box was on the east side of the south junction. Just to its east was the level crossing by which the station was approached from Forres itself.

The route south closed in 1965, retained as far as the Dallas Dhu Distillery, and the platforms on the west to south and east to south curves closed. The west to south curve closed in 1966 and Forres South box closed. Dallas Dhu Distillery to Forres East Junction closed in 1967.

The site of the south junction was subsequently obliterated by road and other developments and nothing remains to be seen of it.

A new station opened in Forres in 2017, replacing the last part of Forres [2nd].