Forres [2nd]

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Forres [2nd] (1863-2017)

Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.

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This station is now closed.

A single platform remained of a five platform station. A passing loop was retained to the east of the station. There were two on the west to east curve, one (very short) on the east to south curve and two on the west to south curve. This was the second Forres station, the original being bypassed when the new station opened. It was located close to the remaining signal box.

A station approach road crossed the south to east curve on the level to approach the station. The short platform was located to the north of this between the LC and the east junction.

The station building was a replacement, initially fitted to a cut back original canopy. This brick structure bears a strong resemblance to that at Newton-on-Ayr.

The station was replaced by Forres just to the north on roughly the site of Forres [1st] station.

The site has been cleared and the former west-east platform area and former car park is largely grass covered.


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