Forres [2nd]

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Forres [2nd] (1863-2017)

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Where: Moray
Opened on the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway.


This station is now closed, replaced by Forres. By the late 1960s a single platform remained of a five platform station. A passing loop was retained to the east of the station. The station remained in this form until 2017. This was not a good design a late running train could result in another train, due to pass it, being held in the loop outwith the station - passengers could neither join nor leave the train while held in the loop. Rather than relocate the platforms to the loop the original pre 1863 alignment was reinstated in 2017.

The station opened in 1863 with the opening of the new line from Perth, the Inverness and Perth Junction Railway. At its height there were two platforms on the west to east curve (for Inverness to Aberdeen trains), one (very short) on the east to south curve (for Perth to Aberdeen trains) and two on the west to south curve (for Perth to Inverness trains), along with a south facing bay on the western side of the latter.

This was the second Forres station, the original, Forres [1st], being bypassed when the new station opened. The original station was located close to the remaining signal box, formerly Forres East Junction box.

An access road approached the second station from the town, which is to the south, crossing over the south to east curve on the level. The short platform was located between this crossing and Forres East Junction.

A double track line existed between Forres West Junction and Forres East Junction - a long length which was cut back considerably in the 1960s when only the eastern end of the loop was retained.

The station building was built in the ^V^ of the main platforms - the Inverness to Perth and Aberdeen platforms. The platforms in the ^V^ were canopied. A long, originally covered, footbridge connected the platforms at the north west corner. Unlike the original station, which was built in stone, this station was built in wood.

Platforms were equipped with water columns.

Latterly the station building was a 1950s brick built utilitarian British Railways replacement, but with an interesting smaller second storey, initially fitted to the cut back original canopies. The Dava route canopy was removed after closure of that route and remaining canopy in the late 1990s. The new building bore a strong resemblance to that at Newton-on-Ayr.

In addition to the platform lines further lines opened in 1863. There were goods loop to the north of the east-west platforms and to the south west of the west-south platforms. Forres Shed opened to the north of the east-west goods lines with the original pre 1863 line to its north. This line was retained as a station bypass and it also served the original goods yard which remained in use.

The station, and route south via Dava, lost much of its importance with the opening of the direct railway from Aviemore to Inverness in 1898. From that date the line south was a secondary route, used for relief trains and goods but still carrying a good deal of traffic.

The station was replaced by the present Forres in 2017. This new station is just to the north and on roughly the site of Forres [1st] station.

The site of the second station has been cleared and the former west-east platform area and former car park is largely grass covered.


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