Forfar North Junction

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Names and dates

Forfar Junction (1870-1895)
Forfar North Junction (1895-1967)

Opened on the Arbroath and Forfar Railway.

Opened on the Dundee and Forfar Direct Railway.

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.



At Forfar North Junction the routes west to Forfar (Playfield) and Perth diverged and the routes east to Aberdeen and Broughty Ferry diverged.

Junction formed

On the opening of the Scottish Midland Junction Railway through Forfar [2nd] station, Forfar Playfield was left on a short branch.

Direct line

The direct line to Broughty Ferry changed the location into a four way junction.


The junction was renamed on creation of Forfar South Junction when the Forfar and Brechin Railway opened.


After closure of the Broughty Ferry line and the later closure of the main line north east to Bridge of Dun the junction gave access to the extensive goods yard and, until its closure, Forfar (Playfield). The signal box closed with the line to Bridge of Dun and the line from Stanley Junction was worked 'one engine in steam'.


The cutting the junction was formed in has been infilled for housing, road overbridge removed and the goods yard and main line to the west are redeveloped as an industrial estate and housing. Little remains to trace the route to either station.




10/01/1955Broughty Ferry to Forfar Branch
Forfar (Forfar North Junction) to Dundee East (Broughty Junction) closed to passengers.
08/12/1958Broughty Ferry to Forfar Branch
Forfar North Junction (excluded) to Kingsmuir (excluded) closed to goods.
04/09/1967Aberdeen RailwayArbroath and Forfar Railway
Forfar North Junction (excluded) to Bridge of Dun (excluded) closed to all traffic.
05/06/1982Scottish Midland Junction Railway
Line closed between Stanley Junction (excluded) and the former Forfar North Junction. On the last day two passenger trains "Forfar Farewell" are run. Some days later a freight may have run to recover wagons still on the line.