Forfar South Junction

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Forfar South Junction (1895-1967)

Opened on the Forfar and Brechin Railway.

Opened on the Scottish Midland Junction Railway.


This junction was to the west of Forfar [2nd station, not so much south as more north west, indeed it was further north than Forfar North Junction which was east of Forfar [1st]. However in railway terms it was south of the station as it was closer to Perth.

This was the junction between the Scottish Midland Junction Railway and the Forfar and Brechin Railway.

The SMJR was a double track main line and the F&BR was a single track line, which doubled before meeting the main line. The signal box, opened with the junction, was in the 'V' of the junction alongside the main line.

The junction allowed a train from Forfar [2nd] to take the branch line.

The branch closed to passengers in 1952. The box closed in 1960, replaced with a ground frame.

The junction and branch survived until 1967 and the closures which closed the main line completely east of Forfar [2nd] and closed the line west to Stanley Junction to passengers.

The line closed in 1982.




  /01/1895Forfar and Brechin Railway
Opened from Brechin to Forfar South Junction with stations at Careston, Tannadice and Justinhaugh.
04/08/1952Forfar and Brechin Railway
Brechin to Forfar South Junction (excluded) closed to passengers.
04/09/1967Forfar and Brechin Railway
Justinhaugh to Forfar South Junction (excluded) closed to goods.