Elliot Junction

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Elliot Junction (1866-1967)

Opened on the Dundee and Arbroath Railway.

Opened on the Carmyllie Railway.


This station was located at the junction for the Carmyllie Railway. This was initially a goods and minerals only line, opened 1854, the line opening to passengers in 1900. The junction allowed trains from the Arbroath direction access to the branch.

The station, of 1866, had an island platform on the main line, the formerly plain track having its southbound line diverted round the platform.

Passenger trains joining the branch avoided the island platform and curved hard to the north to cross the A92 by a level crossing. The name Elliot Junction, therefore, was a little inappropriate for passengers, the branch not being served. Particularly inappropriate when the station opened as it would be another 44 years before the branch opened to passengers.

The junction signal box was in the 'V' of the junction. A North British Railway type box, it dated from when the line between Dundee and Arbroath came into joint Caledonian Railway and North British Railway ownership.

Elliot goods was a short distance away on the branch. There was a loop on the branch just after the junction and level crossing.

There was an accident on the main line in 1906, on the westbound line at the east end of the station.

The tracks still part for the removed island platform. A fine lattice footbridge which served the station (there is a dip in the middle where steps came down to the platform) remains in place. Diversion of the A92 has removed the trackbed directly beside the station, but a level crossing gate remains (thought to be recently removed) on the far side of the original route of the road.

Elliot House was just to the west of the former station.



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