Carmyllie Railway


This line is closed. Originally a private goods line it was later upgraded with passenger halts. Oddly there was no interchange at the junction (Elliot) for the line.


  /  /1854[Carmyllie Railway]
Partly opened as a private railway.
  /  /1855[Carmyllie Railway]
Act receives Royal assent
  /  /1865Carmyllie Railway
Built by Earl of Dalhousie for slate and paving stones, operated by the Scottish North Eastern Railway.
  /  /1866Carmyllie Railway
Bought by Caledonian Railway.
  /  /1880[Carmyllie Railway]
[Scottish North Eastern Railway]
Carmyllie Railway absorbed by Scottish North Eastern Railway.
  /  /1880Carmyllie Railway
Becomes joint Caledonian Railway and North British Railway, when the Dundee and Arbroath Railway becomes the Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway.
  /02/1900[Carmyllie Railway]
Opened to passengers following light railway order
01/01/1917[Carmyllie Railway]
Closed to passengers
01/02/1919[Carmyllie Railway]
Re-opened to passengers
02/12/1929[Carmyllie Railway]
Carmyllie to Elliot Junction closed to passengers.
25/05/1965[Carmyllie Railway]
Carmylie to Elliot (Metal Box Cos Siding) closed to freight

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This station was located at the junction for the Carmyllie Railway. This was initially a goods and minerals only line, opened 1854, the line opening to passengers in 1900. The junction allowed trains from the Arbroath direction access to the branch.

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Among those killed in the alcohol-related collision at Elliot Junction in December 1906 was Alexander Black, the Liberal MP for Banffshire, whose ...
John Yellowlees 27/01/2019
Level Crossing gate next to the junction at Elliot Junction where the line crossed the A92. View looks north. ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
170 428 heads south past the site of Elliot Junction station on 16 October 2008 with an Aberdeen - Glasgow Queen Street service. ...
Sandy Steele 16/10/2008
Looking towards the former station at Elliot Junction in March 1999. View is over the site of the level crossing at the start of the Carmyllie branch. ...
David Panton 15/03/1999

On the Carmyllie branch, just after Elliot Junction there was a passing loop (which was enlarged after opening to passengers) and a short siding on the east side, served from the north.

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This factory dispatched cans for Crosse & Blackwell near Peterhead.

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This was a small station with a platform on the east side of a passing loop. There was a siding on the west side, served from the north. At the south end was a level crossing alongside Bank farm.

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This was a single platform station to the east of Cuthlie Farm. The platform was on the east side of the line just south of a level crossing.

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This was a single platform station to the north of a level crossing. The platform was on the north/east side of the line.

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This was a single platform, on the north side of the line, terminus at Redford, north east of Carmyllie. Beyond the station to the north west was a level crossing and beyond that looped and dead end sidings. The line continued on to serve several quarries, the original purpose of the line.

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Looking to Arbroath from the site of Carmyllie station in 1996. The line continued behind the camera to serve quarries. ...
Ewan Crawford //1996