Drumvaich Crossing

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Drumvaich Crossing (1893-1965)

Opened on the Dunblane, Doune and Callander Railway.



This passing loop was added to increase capacity of the single track route from Dunblane to Oban, part of a number of measure including doubling Dunblane to Doune (1902) and Callander and Oban Junction to Callander Dreadnought (1902) and other additional passing loops at St Brides Crossing, Glenlochy Crossing, Awe Crossing (1893) and Glencruitten Summit (1903).

This loop broke the single track between Doune and Callander and Oban Junction.


Closure came with the rest of the line from Dunblane west to Oban.


The building, the last remaining example of a combined house and signal box (other than Glencruitten which is very different), still stands today as a house.


Loop Station combined signal box and house