Clydebank Central Junction

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Clydebank Central Junction (1976-)

Opened on the Clydebank to Dalmuir (North British Railway).


This junction was installed just west of Clydebank Central to allow closure of a length of the Lanarkshire and Dumbartonshire Railway.

The junction allowed trains from the east to join the L&D and run west to coal sidings at Dalmuir Riverside, Arnott and Young [Dalmuir], Chivas Bros Siding, Mountblow Oil Terminal and Arnott and Young [Old Kilpatrick]. The now goods only line was singled.

Around 1980 all sidings had closed except the Chivas Bros Siding. This remained in use until 1988, by which time the far end of the branch had been lifted severing the connection to the oil depot. No buffer was fixed at the line end.

A stub of the line was left to the coal depot until the 2000s.

The junction is now taken out and some out of use and heavily overgrown track remains on ^The Caley Bridge^ over Dumbarton Road close to the junction.




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Chivas Bros Siding to Dalmuir Riverside closed, Dalmuir Riverside to Clydebank (Clydebank Central Junction) is disused but retained. The line is dismantled around ten years later and a stump retained at the junction.