Blackwood Junction

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Blackwood Junction (1905-1968)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.
Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).


This junction opened in 1905 when the 1864 Blackwood [1st] branch (passengers from 1866) of the Lesmahagow Railway was met by two sections of the new Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).

The 1864 branch was double track by 1905. Blackwood [1st] station closed in 1905 and was left on a short branch as a goods yard.

A new single track line ran north west to Stonehouse West Junction. Another new single track line line ran south east through a new Blackwood [2nd] station to Alton Heights Junction.

The new signal box, on the west side between the northern and southern junctions, controlled the original route, new lines and the Dundaff Branch which ran south to Dundaff Quarry. The new station had no signal box of its own. The Dundaff Quarry line closed in 1936.

There was a short section of double track between the north and south junction. This loop remained after 1939 when the line north east to Southfield Junction was singled.

To Southfield Junction was closed to passengers in 1951. In 1960 the line to Southfield Junction and on to Dalserf Junction was closed. The line to Blackwood [1st] closed in 1961.

Goods was withdrawn in 1964. Passenger trains ceased in 1965 and the signal box closed. The railway closed in 1968 when coal from Auchlochan ceased.




  /  /1896Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Construction of line from Alton Heights (Lesmahagow Railway) to Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) begins.
01/07/1905Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway)
Merryton Junction, (Lesmahagow Railway) to Larkhall Central and Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Lesmahagow Railway) to Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Blackwood Junction (Lesmahagow Railway) to Alton Heights (Lesmahagow Railway) opened. Cot Castle Goods (Lesmahagow Railway) to Strathaven Central opened. Stations opened at Larkhall Central, Blackwood [2nd], Lesmahagow [2nd]. Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] rebuilt.
01/10/1951Lesmahagow Railway
Blackwood (Blackwood Junction) to Tillietudlem (Southfield Junction) closed to passengers.
04/01/1960Lesmahagow Railway
Blackwood Junction (excluded) to Southfield Junction to Dalserf Junction (excluded) closed to freight. Netherburn and Tillietudlem closed to goods.