Stonehouse West Junction

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Stonehouse West Junction (1905-1965)

Opened on the Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway).
Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This junction was west of Stonehouse [Lanarkshire]. It was created when the original Lesmahagow Railway branch to Stonehouse of 1864 was met with two sections of the 1905 Mid Lanark Lines (Caledonian Railway). The original route east to Dalserf and the route west through Stonehouse to Cot Castle Goods survived.

A loop was provided through station, the original platform becoming the westbound platform. In addition to the doubling of the line a loop was laid round the new eastbound platform which was an island.

Both routes to Stonehouse west, that from Strathaven Central and the other from Blackwood Junction, were single, doubling immediately before the junction.

The signal box was north east of the junction and on the south east side of line.

The headshunt of goods yard was in front of box - the headshunt was added as part of the works to keep the goods movements clear of the new passenger lines.

A triangle of junctions was originally intended of which Stonehouse West would have been the north, Stonehouse South Junction to the south and a west junction near Cot Castle Goods. Of these only Stonehouse West Junction was brought into use. Earthworks were prepared and lines partially laid in. Concerns over running powers for the Glasgow and South Western Railway probably led to the abandonment.

Going west from the junction the new Strathaven Central line was laid on north side of the Cot Castle Goods line. (A connection was made to the west to east portion of the intended curve but no connection was made at its east end. The east to west track was not connected at either end.)

Going south two lines were laid, the east one being the line to Blackwood Junction. The line on the west side was connected at Stonehouse West but ceased before the incomplete south junction.

The extra unused lines were lifted.

After the line east to Dalserf closed in 1935 the west junction box took over the Stonehouse East Junction
in 1943.

In addition there was a rationalisation of the west junction. The approaching lines no longer doubled before junction but instead met, ran parallel and a pair of crossovers provided the west end of the loop. The result of these alterations was tha the loop was shortened at both ends.

Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] closed to passengers in 1965 and the line west to Strathaven Central closed. The signal box at Stonehouse closed.

The line remained open until 1968/69 when Auchlochan Colliery closed.

The site of the junction is now the A71. The route south is also occupied by that road as far south as the abortive south junction. The trackbed of the route to Strathaven Central is intact as is the never used west to east curve.