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Ayr Road (1866-1903)
Dalserf (1903-1951)

Opened on the Lesmahagow Railway.


This was a two platform station. To the immediate south was Stonehouse Junction.

Before the station opened there was a level crossing here and a passing loop to its south. The branch to Stonehouse opened in 1862, first to Canderside Pit and then throughout to Cot Castle in 1864. With the station opening in 1866 the Ayr Road was relocated to the north to pass under the line.

There was a goods yard on the west side, approached by reversing from the Stonehouse line (a headshunt was later provided) and Cornsilloch Colliery was to the east, served by sidings from the station.

To the north was Millburn Colliery (later Cornsilloch Colliery Pit No 4).

The main line was originally single track here but became double track as the route was progressively doubled.

A signal box opened in 1866, with the start of the passenger service. This was located at the south end of the station and on the east side of the line.

Ayr Road was renamed Dalserf in 1903, the box became Dalserf Junction in 1904.

The line was singled in 1940, the northbound line being lifted. A loop remained here.

The station closed to passengers in 1951. The line south closed in 1960 (as far as Blackwood Junction as the Nethan Viaduct route was closed in 1958). The signal box closed in 1962 and loop taken out. A tight change of side at the north end of the station from northbound line to southbound line going north was the result. Complete closure came when the route west to Canderside and north to Ferniegair Junction closed in 1964 (Merryton Junction had ceased to be a junction on singling, and two single track lines ran north to Ferniegair).

The station house remains here in use as a private house.

Dalserf, the station^s second name, was quite far from the station, Dalserf House itself was around a mile to the east next to the River Clyde.



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01/07/1903Lesmahagow Railway
Ayr Road station renamed Dalserf.
05/01/1935Lesmahagow Railway
Stonehouse [Lanarkshire] (Stonehouse East Junction) to Dalserf (Dalserf Junction) closed to passengers.
20/04/1964Lesmahagow Railway
Canderside Exchange Sidings to Dalserf (Dalserf Junction) closed to freight.