Auchinraith Junction

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Auchinraith Junction (1882-1953)

Opened on the Hamilton and Strathaven Railway.


This was the western apex of a triangle of junctions north of Hamilton West and south of Blantyre. The northern apex was Blantyre Junction [CR] and southern Strathaven Junction.

Note that both spellings, Auchinraith and Auchenraith, have been used for this junction and nearby collieries.

This junction was formed in 1882 when the existing 1860 Hamilton and Strathaven Railway was met by a Caledonian Railway curve from Blantyre Junction [CR]. Both lines were double track.

The new curve allowed coal from collieries on the Strathaven line to travel more conveniently north

To the west of the junction was a siding on the south side, approached from the junction, which served Auchinraith Colliery Pits Nos 1 and 2.

The signal box was north of the line, about midway between the junction and Auchinraith Colliery. It replaced an earlier box serving just the colliery.

The junction closed in 1953 when the curve from Blantyre Junction [CR] closed (a possible alternative date is 1958). The box closed.

The railway closed completely in 1960.

The junction site was mostly obliterated by road works when the East Kilbride Expressway opened. The site is just to the south of this road and very overgrown.