East Kilbride

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East Kilbride (1868-)

Station code: EKL National Rail ScotRail
Where: South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Opened on the Busby Railway.
Opened on the Blantyre to East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway).
Open on the East Kilbride Line.


This station has a single platform and is a terminus. A loop at the terminus survived until 2005. To the west, the Hairmyres Loop opened in 1990.

Originally this was not a terminus, it was a single platform station with a loop on the route between Busby and Hunthill Junction.

When opened East Kilbride was a small village. It was chosen to become Scotland's first New Town in 1947 and has expanded out widely for miles beyond the station and original village.

Despite the relatively low population the line was retained as far as East Kilbride when the route east of the station closed to passengers in 1935. The line to the east of the station was retained until 1966 to serve Mavor and Coulson's works.

There was a goods yard on the north side of the line, served from the west. The signal box of 1883 was replaced in 1929, the new box being at the west end of the platform. The goods yard had some reorganisation with the addition of a large goods shed and a long siding added at the east end of the loop.

There was a East Kilbride Shed, probably associated with banking duties. This was a one road shed at the west end of the station, south side of the line, and approached fro the west.

The goods yard survived until 1989, although unused for goods for several years. The goods shed survived until 1990. The yard was used by a coal merchant who continued to operate from it even after delivery by rail ceased around 1983.

The signal box closed in 1973, replaced by Glasgow Central Power Box.


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01/10/1914East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway)
East Kilbride to Hamilton (Hunthill Junction) closed.
01/10/1923East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway)
East Kilbride to Hamilton (Hunthill Junction) re-opened.
14/07/1924East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway)
East Kilbride to Hamilton (Hunthill Junction) closed to passengers (occasional special workings until World War II).
18/11/1935East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway)
Mavor and Coulsons Siding, East Kilbride to Hunthill Junction closed to freight.
24/01/1966East Kilbride Line (Caledonian Railway)
Mavor and Coulsons Siding to East Kilbride closed to freight.