North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)


This railway is open. It is an electrified single track line passenger which runs from Drem, on the East Coast Main Line, to North Berwick on the coast. Trains are from Edinburgh Waverley, to the west.


16/06/1846North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Act passed.
13/08/1849North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Opened from Drem Junction to North Berwick [Williamstown] (temporary North Berwick terminus just outside the town, due to the cutting work still being undertaken to the north east). Contractor James Gowans.
17/06/1850North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Line opened completely to North Berwick, North Berwick [Williamstown] closed.
01/11/1856North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Horse operation begins. Dandy Car, previously used on the South Leith line, introduced between Drem and North Berwick.
01/05/1857North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Dandy Car withdrawn.
  /03/1894North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
North Berwick station rebuilt in grand style.
01/02/1952North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Dirleton closed to passengers.
03/02/1958North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
With services becoming an hourly diesel train, North Berwick Shed closed.
  /01/1968North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
North Berwick reduced to a single platform terminus.
  /10/1975North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Train runs beyond the buffer stop at North Berwick.
  /  /1985North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Drem westbound waiting shelter partly demolished. The building was listed and British Rail built a replica.
  /01/1985North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
North Berwick station buildings demolished. Line cut back, resulting in a shorter platform. Site of the buildings becomes car park.
  /  /1986North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Train runs beyond the buffer stop at North Berwick.
08/07/1991North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Electric services commence.

Locations along the line

These locations are along the line.

This junction is immediately east of Drem station. Between the station and the junction the line has four lines, ie there are slow lines on either side of the mainline to allow fast trains to overtake slow trains.

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90036 nears Drem Junction with a North Berwick to Edinburgh train in 2004.
Bill Roberton //2004
Train comes out of the sunset at Drem Junction heading for North Berwick. ...
Ewan Crawford //
380 111 takes the North Berwick line at Drem Junction with the 11.42 from Edinburgh on 22nd January 2019.
Bill Roberton 22/01/2019
DMU comes off the North Berwick Branch heading for Edinburgh. ...
Ewan Crawford //
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This was a single platform station between Drem and North Berwick stations. The platform was on the east side of the line. The original small station building was later replaced with a larger building, a small version of the typical North British Railway style building. A railway cottage was just to the east, on the station approach.

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Looking north to the former Dirleton station in 1986. A small goods yard was to the right, along with the surviving station house.
Bill Roberton //1986
Locomotive hauled train passing Dirleton and heading south. The sea is in the distance. ...
Ewan Crawford //
380 103 near Dirleton on 20 June with the 11.26 North Berwick - Edinburgh Waverley.
Bill Roberton 20/06/2011
380 102 climbs towards Dirleton with the 11.44 from Edinburgh on 20 June 2011. ...
Bill Roberton 20/06/2011
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This was the short lived terminus of the North Berwick branch allowing the line to open before the line was extended into the terminus. The approach to the permanent station was made via a cutting which was time consuming and expensive to built.

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North Berwick station North Berwick [1st] was cut back closer to the junction in the 1980s after demolition of the station buildings.

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385020 at North Berwick, with the 12.12 from Edinburgh, about to return at 12.50 on 29th May 2021. Services were well patronised, the busiest trains I ...
Bill Roberton 29/05/2021
A Class 305 stands at North Berwick in July 1998. ...
David Panton 27/07/1998
380112 arrives at North Berwick. ...
Alastair McLellan 13/07/2017
It is Saturday 11 May 2019, and the 1451 service to Edinburgh hums out of North Berwick almost as quietly as it arrived. Turnaround here is pretty ...
David Panton 11/05/2019
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This was a two platform terminus with substantial station buildings on both platforms. The station frontage had a considerable awning. There was a goods yard on the south side if the passenger station and locomotive shed at the west end on the north side of the line. Opposite this was the signal box, closed in 1968.

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