Drem Junction

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Drem Junction (1850-)

Opened on the North Berwick Branch (North British Railway).


This junction is immediately east of Drem station. Between the station and the junction the line has four lines, ie there are slow lines on either side of the mainline to allow fast trains to overtake slow trains.

The single track North Berwick branch joins the up loop at the east end of the loops. A ladder junction allows cross over from the branch to the down main.

The junction was created in 1850, the main dating from 1846. The branch was originally double track but reduced to single (northbound lifted) not long after opening. The loops were added later. The box (actually at the east end of Drem station, on the south side of the line, which was where the point of junction was moved to when the box opened) closed in 1977, taken over by the Edinburgh Signalling Centre. Before the signal box there was a telegraph office at the junction, located closer to the present junction.



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13/08/1849North Berwick Branch (North British Railway)
Opened from Drem Junction to Williamstown.