Kincardine Line


  /  /1898Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Line authorised between Kincardine and Elbowend Junction.
01/07/1906Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Line opened between Kincardine and Elbowbend Junction, contractor Robert McAlpine.
07/07/1930Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Alloa [1st] (Kincardine Junction) to Dunfermline Lower via Culross closed to passengers.
  /  /1985Stirling and Dunfermline Railway Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Longannet Power Station (excluded) to Alloa West Junction (excluded) out of use. Track left in place for possible re-opening.
  /  /1988Rothesay Dock Branch (North British Railway and Caledonian Railway)
Single track line reinstated from Yoker Depot to the Rothesay Dock for imported coal trains from here to Kincardine Power Station (Kincardine Line). The former Rothesay dock yard was ripped up and replaced with a loop.
  /04/1997Kincardine Line (North British Railway)
Longannet Power Station to Kincardine Power Station re-opened to freight.
19/05/2008Stirling and Dunfermline RailwayKincardine Line
The railway between Stirling and Alloa re-opens to passengers. The line between Stirling and Longannet Power Station via Alloa re-opens to freight.