Stranraer Town

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Stranraer Town (1861-1966)

Where: Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland
Opened on the Portpatrick Railway.


This was a four platform station. Two of the platforms were the main through platforms on either side of a loop which ran from the west end of the station to Stranraer Harbour Junction. The other two platforms were single track bays at either end of the up platform, this was the northern of the through platforms on the town side.

The signal box was at the east end of the westbound platform. It opened in 1877. The box later gained a slightly inelegant extension on its eastern side.

To the west the line continued to Portpatrick and to the east to Dumfries and later, by another route, Girvan. The harbour station did not serve the town station, the line to it branching off east of the town station.

The line west closed to passengers in 1950 and it was cut back to Colfin at the same time. This was cut back to Stranraer Town in 1959.

Most of the Port Road, Challoch Junction to Maxwelltown Factory Siding (both excluded), closed in 1965. Stranraer Town closed to passengers in 1966 and Stranraer Harbour became the usual terminus. The Stranraer Town signal box closed in 1969.

After closure the down through platform and bay lines were removed. The station building on the up platform continued in use as railway offices.

A large goods yard with engine shed adjoined the station, on its north side.

In 1979 a shed with an overhead crane was added to the east end of the site, on the south side of the lines, for Stockton Haulage Ltd - Stockton Haulage Depot [Stranraer]. The depot received steel from Teesside Steel Works, Scunthorpe Steel Works and Etruria Steel Works. Steel from these works was shipped to Belfast (and Dublin through other depots). The company had a base at Scotts Road in Middlesborough.

The goods yard fell out of use in the early 1990s, the track being lifted around 2015. Stockton Haulage Ltd no longer exists. Conveyance of goods to Stranraer southwards from Girvan is awkward with the line having tight curves and steep gradients.

With the transfer of the ferry routes away from Stranraer Harbour consdieration is being given to relocate the terminus from the pier to the town station site.


Staton terminus underused freight facility

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17/08/1857Portpatrick Railway
Act receives Royal assent for line from Castle Douglas to Stranraer Town with branches to Stranraer Harbour and Portpatrick.
02/03/1953Portpatrick Railway
Stranraer re-named Stranraer Town.
01/04/1959Portpatrick Railway
Colfin to Stranraer Town (excluded) closed to freight.
07/03/1966Portpatrick Railway
Stranraer Town to Stranraer Harbour Junction closed to passengers. Stranraer Town station closed and given over to goods.


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