South Alloa

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Alloa [CR] (1850-1854)
South Alloa (1854-1885)

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Opened on the South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway).


This was the terminus of the South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway).

A ferry operated from the pier here to Alloa Harbour. The railway took control of this ferry after reaching South Alloa, this passing to the Caledonian Railway who later replaced it with the Alloa Railway.

This was a single platform station, platform to the west of a rounding loop. A cattle dock was to the south.

There were a number of sidings and piers here as South Alloa was a depot for timber used for pit props, largely imported.

The station closed with the opening of the Alloa Railway over Alloa Bridge giving the Caledonian Railway direct access to [Alloa]]. Closure to goods was in 1950.

Little remains of the station today.


Terminus station

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Chronology Dates

02/09/1850South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Alloa Junction to South Alloa opened to goods and minerals.
01/07/1853South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Alloa Junction to South Alloa opened to passengers. Ferry used to cross the River Forth to Alloa.
  /  /1859Scottish Central Railway
Consolidation and Amendment Act passed. (Acts of 1845, 1846 (South Alloa), 1851 and 1853 repealed.)
  /  /1873South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Authorisation to build a dock at South Alloa granted. Although not built wharves handling timber import were built.
01/10/1885Alloa Railway South Alloa Branch (Scottish Central Railway)
Line from Dunmore Junction to Alloa West Junction and swing bridge, Alloa Bridge opened. Caledonian Railway trains start to use Alloa [1st] station. Dunmore Junction to South Alloa closed to passengers. Alloa Goods [CR] opened.


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