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Sanquhar (1850-1965)
Sanquhar (1994-)

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumfries and Carlisle Railway.

Open on the G and SW Main Line.


This two platform station re-opened in 1994. It is in the north of the village. The former station building now offers accommodation.
Sanquhar Station

The main station building was on the northbound platform. Although the central portion is modified the building is largely in original form. The building has high chimneys. '1850' is displayed.

The goods yard was on the west side, approached from the north. The signal box was on the west side of the line at the north end.

On the east side was Sanquhar Tile Works with a series of kilns, a once well known feature north of the station. A short tramway ran north from the brick works to a clay pit. A siding also ran south east to Buccleuch Terra Cotta Works, also connected by a short tramway south east to another clay pit.

The station closed to passengers in 1965. The signal box closed in 1982. The station re-opened in the same position as the original in 1994.


Sanquhar Castle, a ruin, is to the south of the village.





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