Newhailes Junction

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New Hailes Junction (1858-1938)
Newhailes Junction (1938-1971)

Opened on the North British Railway.


This junction was controlled by a tall signal box on the west side of the line and south of Newcraighall Road. The box was tall enough to see over the bridge. Both lines were double track.

After 1847 and prior to 1858 trains to Fisherrow and Musselburgh [2nd] still used the original alignment of the Fisherrow Branch. These travelled from Portobello East Junction to Niddrie Junction [2nd] to join the branch. This was an indirect route which crossed over the North British Railway main line at Newhailes.

The route was shorted with the opening of a new curve from New Hailes Junction which allowed a train from Edinburgh onto the branch. The curve started from directly under where the E&DR line had crossed over and then swept to the east to join the original formation. The portion of the original formation over the main line closed. (To the east a new connection to Niddrie East Junction was made in 1884 reusing some of it).

A pair of goods loops was provided on the westbound main line approach to the junction. The east end of the loops was controlled by Niddrie East Junction which after 1915 (opening of the [[Lothian Lines (North British Railway)) and closure of Niddrie East Junction) was known as Newhailes East Junction.

The Musselburgh [2nd] branch closed to passengers in 1964, was singled in 1965 (the eastbound line was lifted) and closed completely in 1971 (the box closed).

The former junction is hard to recognise now, but the trackbed of the curve is a footpath.

The name changed from New Hailes to Newhailes in 1938, yet Ordnance Survey used the later spelling even in 1893.



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NLS Collection OS map of 1892-1914
NLS Collection OS map of 1944-67


07/09/1964Musselburgh Branch (North British Railway) Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Musselburgh [2nd] to Joppa (Newhailes Junction) closed to passengers.
06/09/1972Musselburgh Branch (North British Railway) Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway
Musselburgh to Joppa (Newhailes Junction) closed to freight. (Alternative dates: 1971, 7/12/1970).


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