Musselburgh [2nd]

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Musselburgh [2nd] (1847-1964)

Opened on the Musselburgh Branch (North British Railway).

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This terminus was in Musselburgh itself, on the east bank of the River Esk next to the 'Roman Bridge' (actually medieval). The site was fairly cramped being constrained by the river on the north side and works to the south. The station replaced Musselburgh [1st], about a mile to the south, which became Inveresk.

The passenger station had a trainshed with one long passenger platform and one short. The goods yard was laid out on either side of the passenger station, the goods shed to the north. Approach was from the west over the River Esk. There were further sidings on the north side of the line on the west bank. The signal box was on the west bank of the Esk and on the south side of the line, just west of the Eskview Terrace level crossing.

The Musselburgh and District Electric Light and Traction passed just east of the station

A siding accessed by reversing from the goods yard ran south to serve the Esk Net Mills (west side of siding) and Inveresk Mills (Paper).

The station closed to passengers in 1964, the box closed in 1965. The line closed completely in 1971.

The bridge over the River Esk survives in modified form now carrying Olive Bank Road. The station site is now a car park on the east bank of the river. A number of mill buildings survive, but these are not part of the former station.


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