Niddrie East Junction

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Niddrie East Junction (1884-1915)

Opened on the North British Railway.

Opened on the Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway.


This junction opened in 1884. Also known as Newhailes East Junction. It was the southern end of a Edinburgh, Suburban and Southside Junction Railway curve connecting north west to the Fisherrow branch of the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway.

The portion of the Fisherrow branch eastwards over the North British Railway main line closed as a new curve from Newhailes Junction replaced it. Until this new curve opened trains to Fisherrow had taken a fairly devious route from Portobello East Junction to Niddrie North Junction to Niddry Junction [2nd] station, then over the North British Railway. (The branch from Portobello East Junction to the Edinburgh and Dalkeith Railway had cut through the old approach from the west.)

The junction closed in 1915 when it was replaced by part of the Lothian Lines (North British Railway) from near Wanton Wells Junction to Monktonhall Junction. The box remained in use until 1925/6 when Newhailes Junction box took over. Between 1915 and 1925 it controlled two goods loops off the westbound main line.

Nothing remains to be seen of the junction but part of the closed curve from the junction remains, much overgrown, to the north of the replacement alignment.



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