Maryhill East Junction

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Maryhill East Junction (1879-1961)

Opened on the Kelvin Valley Railway.

Opened on the Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway.


The Kelvin Valley Railway (1879) met the existing Glasgow, Dumbarton and Helensburgh Railway (1858) at a junction which allowed eastbound trains to take the branch from the main line. The junction was also known as Kelvin Valley Junction.

The junction was double with the branch dropping to single track. There was a signal box in the 'V' of the junction. There was a siding on the branch line's east side.

This junction was planned to allow coal trains from the branch to reach the Stobcross Railway and Clyde docks.

To the south of the junction was Maryhill Goods was added, a goods station on a loop served from the east and with a shunting siding. This replaced the small goods yard at Maryhill Park.

To the east was Garscube Colliery, on the north side of the line and approached from the east.

The branch closed in 1961 (although a stub of the branch survived for some time). The signal box closed in 1965 and was replaced by a ground frame released from Maryhill Park Junction.

The modern Maryhill and Summerston stations are to the west and east, respectively, of the former junction.

Nothing can be seen of the former junction.

A short lived station (Maryhill [Temporary]) existed here in 1879, the western terminus of the Kelvin Valley Railway as the North British Railway refused to open the junction and ran a service from here to Torrance until the KVR finally persuaded the NBR to open their line throughout in late 1879.




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