Maryhill [Temporary]

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Maryhill [Temporary] (1879-1879)

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Opened on the Kelvin Valley Railway.


This was the temporary western terminus of the Kelvin Valley Railway built during an argument between that company and the North British Railway, who operated the line.

The opening of this terminus allowed the North British Railway to argue that they were serving all the stations of the KVR, however the service only ran from here to Torrance and Maryhill East Junction was not put in. Effectively the KVR was operated as two disconnected railways - Kelvin Valley West Junction to Kilsyth [1st] (a service for passengers from Glasgow Queen Street High Level) and this temporary terminus to Torrance. The NBR did not wish to operate the western 8 miles of the KVR which they considered pointless and ran coal trains originating in the Kilsyth area via Lenzie on their parallel route.

The argument was settled in October 1879 and the temporary station closed and junction put in.

Nothing remains of the KVR here due to landscaping and house building after the line's closure in 1961.




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