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Names and dates

Kirkintilloch Junction (1848-1849)
Campsie Junction (1849-1867)
Lenzie Junction (1867-1890)
Lenzie (1890-)

Opened on the Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway.

Opened on the Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway).

Open on the Glasgow to Perth.


This is a two platform station. There is a car park on both sides of the station and the main station building is on the Glasgow, westbound, platform.

The main station building was formerly on the Edinburgh, eastbound platform, with a smaller typical North British Railway building.

The station was the junction for the Campsie Branch (Edinburgh and Glasgow Railway). The junction was at the east end of the station, with the Campsie Branch running parallel and on the north side of the main line for about a third of a mile.

Also to the east, and on the south side of the, was the western entry to Garngaber Yard. Further east again was Garngaber High Junction from which a line dropped to Garngaber Low Junction on the Monkland and Kirkintilloch Railway.

To the west, and on the north side of the line, was the small goods yard. This was approached from the east. At the west end of this was a loading bank which served a narrow gauge line for the peat cutting to the north west. On the south side opposite the goods yard was a siding, approached from the west.

The former signal box, directly to the west of the station building on the eastbound platform, bore a strong resemblance to that at St Boswells, having been extended out at the front in 1914.

The Garngaber curve closed in 1965 and the Campsie branch closed in 1966. The signal box closed in 1971 when control passed to Greenhill Upper Junction signal box.