Lyoncross Junction

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Lyoncross Junction (1905-1941)

Opened on the Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway.
Opened on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway.


This junction was immediately west of the never completed Lyoncross station. The signal box was at the west end of its never built island platform and opened with the junction in 1905.

Here the 1905 Paisley and Barrhead District Railway met the 1903 Lanarkshire and Ayrshire Railway. The junction allowed trains from Glasgow to run to either Kilwinning East or Barrhead New.

The junction was on the bridge over Aurs Road. There were also sidings on the north side of the Barrhead route, approached from the junction.

The Paisley and Barrhead District Railway never opened to passengers and began to be cut back in 1919. The line from Lyoncross Junction to Barrhead New to Paisley East, all of which had been built to double track standard and with two lines laid, was singled. The southbound line was lifted.

The Barrhead New route was part of an entirely Caledonian Railway owned route from Greenock to Lanarkshire which lost its raison d'etre with the Grouping of 1923.

In 1941 the portion to Barrhead South (excluded) was closed.

Lyoncross Junction box closed in 1953.

The Neilston line remains open as a double track electrified railway.




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