Barrhead New

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Barrhead New (1905-1905)

Opened on the Paisley and Barrhead District Railway.


This station was never opened.

There were two platforms on a raised line. The station bore some resemblance to Dumbarton Central street level builldings.

This Caledonian Railway station was on the south side of Mill Road. On the north side was Glasgow and South Western Railway's Barrhead Central terminus. To the north again was Barrhead which remains open today.

There was a water tank a the station. This survived the demolition of the station buildings and singling of the line and was used by the goods trains to Barrhead South.

Nothing remains of the station today as the line was raised and has since been lowered and landscaped. To the west a small portion of Barrhead Viaduct survives.