Gleneagles [1st]

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Crieff Junction (1856-1912)
Gleneagles [1st] (1912-1919)

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Opened on the Scottish Central Railway.
Opened on the Crieff Junction Railway.
Opened on the Gleneagles Station and Gleneagles Hotel Branch (Caledonian Railway).


This was a four platform station with two platforms on the main line and two on the branch to Crieff [1st]. It ws replaced by the present Gleneagles station. The main station building was on the northbound main line platform and had canopies. there was a building on the southbound main line platform and small shelter on the northbound branch platform.

The branch doubled at the north end of the station to meet the main line at a double track junction at the south end. There was a small goods yard on the branch to the north of the platforms and a goods loop from the northbound branch platform to the northbound main line. Because of this loop access to the main station building from the station road to the north was by footbridge. A railway cottage was built in the 'V' of the junction (which survives to this day).

The signal box was just to the north of the main station building, on the northbound mainline platform. The box was replaced in 1892.

The station was renamed Gleneagles in 1912, in advance of the opening of the Gleneagles Hotel.

Reconstruction began in 1919 and the station was to be modified considerably, to become the Gleneagles station which still stands today. The new station was built at the same location. Work on the new platforms could be seen from the existing station as it commenced. The approach to the branch was rebuilt (the old approach becoming the goods yard) and much larger station buildings were erected. Concrete was used in the re-construction.

The Crieff and Glendevon Railway was suggested to take a line from Gleneagles station to Crook of Devon, but its promotion was unsuccessful. Glen Eagles itself, through which the line would have run, is to the south of the south.


Station junction

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Chronology Dates

16/03/1856Crieff Junction Railway
Line opened from Crieff Junction to Crieff [1st]. Stations opened at Crieff Junction, Tullibardine, Muthill, Highlandman and Crieff [1st].


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