Cowdenbeath South Junction

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Names and dates

Cowdenbeath Junction (1890-1900)
Cowdenbeath South Junction (1900-1987)

Opened on the Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway).
Opened on the Kelty to Cowdenbeath (North British Railway).


This junction was south of Cowdenbeath station. It opened in 1890 with Kelty to Cowdenbeath (North British Railway), one of the improvements of the Edinburgh to Perth route built for the opening of the Forth Bridge.

It was renamed Cowdenbeath South Junction in 1900 with the opening of Cowdenbeath North Junction, the south end of a short connection to Lumphinnans Central Junctions which allowed Cowdenbeath to also serve the Dunfermline to Thornton Junction route.

The box was replaced in 1957 and was closed between 1972 and 1974, reopening for the Doura Opencast Loading Pad (just north of Cowdenbeath (Old)). The box was on the south side of the junction.

The original route via Cowdenbeath (Old) closed as a through route in 1966 and the Kelty line had closed in 1972.

The box closed in 1981 when taken over by the Edinburgh Signalling Centre. The junction was taken out in the 1980s.



Chronology Dates

  /  /1890Kelty to Cowdenbeath (North British Railway)
Cowdenbeath South Junction to Kelty South Junction opened. Cowdenbeath (New) station opened.
29/03/1919Cowdenbeath North Junction to Lumphinnans Central Junction (North British Railway)
All passenger trains start to use the Cowdenbeath (New) deviation with the opening of the Cowdenbeath North Junction to Lumphinnans Central Junction link. Cowdenbeath (Old) closed to passengers. Cowdenbeath South Junction to Lumphinnans Central Junction given over to goods and mineral traffic.
  /  /1987Dunfermline Branch (Edinburgh and Northern Railway)
Dora Opencast Loading Pad to Cowdenbeath South Junction (excluded) closed.


Inverkeithing To Thornton Junction: Via Cowdenbeath (Scottish Mainlines)