Location type

Loco shed

Names and dates

Ayr Shed [2nd] (1870-1966)
Ayr MPD (1966-2007)

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Opened on the Ayr and Dalmellington Railway.


This shed was located with the triangle of lines south of Newton-on-Ayr and north of Ayr. It opened in 1879, just after the Ayr and Mauchline Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway) of 1870 which created the triangular junction. It replaced Ayr Shed [1st], on the line to the original Ayr [1st] terminus, as the main Ayr shed.

The shed building was designed by Andrew Galloway, with fine tall narrow windows in the gable ends. The doubled ended six road shed was on a north-south orientation and could be accessed from the north (Newton Junction [Ayr]) or south (Hawkhill Junction). Blackhill Junction, completing the triangle, was off to the east. The turntable was east of the shed, served by a north-south loop line. The coaling stage was on a east to south loop directly west of the main line curve's orientation.

British Railways assigned the code 67C.

The shed became a diesel depot and closed to steam around 1966.

After closure in 2007 the site remained intact for some time. Locomotives were stabled out in the open on the east side of Falkland Yard when required.

Track-lifting has been undertaken. The building was demolished in 2019.




Ayr Shed

Chronology Dates

14/06/1965Ayr and Mauchline Line (Glasgow and South Western Railway)
Blackhouse Junction to Hawkhill Junction re-opened for passengers. The re-opened curve was not on the original double track alignment but closer to Ayr MPD.
  /  /1970Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Ayr MPD rebuilt.
  /08/2011Ayr and Dalmellington Railway
Ayr MPD closed with locomotives stabled outdoors at Falkland Yard, east side, in the wagon maintenance sidings.


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