Wansbeck Railway


This line is closed.


  /  /1859[Wansbeck Railway]
Act receives Royal assent
  /  /1862[Wansbeck Railway]
Line opened from Morpeth (Blyth and Tyne Railroad) to Scot's Gap. The Blyth and Tyne Railroad's Morpeth station was used. This terminus was approached by first crossing over the [Newcastle and Berwick Railway] and then joining the [Morpeth Branch] at an east facing junction, trains then reversed into the terminus.
  /  /1863[Wansbeck Railway]
[North British Railway]
Wansbeck Railway absorbed by [North British Railway].
  /  /1864[Wansbeck Railway]
Extended from Scot's Gap to Knowe's Gate.
  /  /1865[Wansbeck Railway]
Extended from Knowe's Gate to Reedsmouth ([Border Counties Railway]).
  /  /1871[Wansbeck Railway]
[Newcastle and Berwick Railway]
Curve (authorised in original [Wansbeck Railway] Act) put in to allow [North British Railway] trains to run into the main Morpeth station in either 1871 or 1872. The two companies built the curve towards each other, meeting in the middle. On opening the [Wansbeck Railway] trains stopped using the Blyth and Tyne Railways [Morpeth Branch] terminus.
  /  /1872[Wansbeck Railway]
Approach to Morpeth (Blyth and Tyne) closed on opening of connection to Morpeth (North Eastern).
  /  /1903[Wansbeck Railway]
Scot's Gap renamed Scotsgap.
  /  /1908[Wansbeck Railway]
Knowe's Gate renamed Knowesgate.
  /  /1952[Wansbeck Railway]
Closed to passengers.
  /  /1963[Wansbeck Railway]
Closed from Reedsmouth to Woodburn (excluded).
  /  /1966[Wansbeck Railway]
Closed from Woodburn to Morpeth (excluded).