Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)


This line is open for freight.


04/08/1853Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)
Act passed.
  /10/1857Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)
Opened to minerals.
01/04/1858Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)
Opened to passengers.
  /  /1862Wansbeck Railway
Line opened from Morpeth to Scot's Gap. The Blyth and Tyne Railway^s Morpeth [BT] station was used. This terminus was approached by first crossing over the Newcastle and Berwick Railway and then joining the Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway) at an east facing junction, trains then reversed into the terminus.
  /  /1871Wansbeck RailwayNewcastle and Berwick Railway
Curve (authorised in original Wansbeck Railway Act) put in to allow North British Railway trains to run into the main Morpeth station in either 1871 or 1872. The two companies built the curve towards each other, meeting in the middle. With this opening, the Wansbeck Railway trains stopped using the Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)^s terminus.
24/05/1880Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway)
The Blyth and Tyne Railway^s terminus station at Morpeth is closed to passengers. The former terminus becomes purely a goods yard.

Portions of line and locations

This line is divided into a number of portions.

Bedlington to Morpeth

This is a closed station on an open line. It was located in Sleekburn, north east of Bedlington itself. The station building and platform remain. Two signal boxes also remain, at the level crossing to the north and south of the former station.

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The level crossing at Bedlington North, just beyond the junction, in September 2014. The Morpeth line turns west beyond the signal box, with the route ...
John Steven 25/09/2014
Looking south across Station Road level crossing towards Bedlington South signal box in May 2004. The long closed Bedlington station is behind the ...
John Furnevel 25/05/2004
Between The Railway and The Clayton Arms stands Bedlington South signal box and level crossing. View east on 25 May 2004, with the ...
John Furnevel 25/05/2004
Barrington Road level crossing on 25 May 2004. Across the road is Bedlington North signal box and in the left background the remains of Bedlington ...
John Furnevel 25/05/2004
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This junction opened in 1980 between the existing 1857 Morpeth Branch (Blyth and Tyne Railway) and a new long chord to Morpeth North Junction on the East Coast Main Line.

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This 1998 view looks west at where the curve from Hepscott Junction (behind the camera) doubles before it reaches Barmoor Sidings and Morpeth ...
Ewan Crawford //1998
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This was the terminus of the Blyth and Tyne Railway to the south of Morpeth itself, opened alongside Morpeth, the Newcastle and Berwick Railway though station. The latter was just to the north.

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Morpeth, Blyth and Tyne, when in use as a permanent way depot. This location is now a car park for the nearby North Eastern station. ...
Ewan Crawford /11/1997
View east along Coopies Lane, Morpeth, on 29 April 2017, with the ECML station off picture to the left. The building in the centre with the white ...
John McIntyre 29/04/2017
A Northern Class 156 has just departed from Morpeth station (out of view to the right) and is heading for the turnback siding alongside the line to ...
John McIntyre 29/04/2017
The former Blyth and Tyne Railway station building at Morpeth, now converted to residential accommodation. The building stands on Coopies Lane, almost ...
Colin Alexander 16/08/2010
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Choppington Colliery

Barmoor Colliery

Morpeth NER link

An ECML Edinburgh bound Voyager passes Morpeth Junction just north of the station on 8 November 2007. The line diverging to the east in the foreground ...
John Furnevel 08/11/2007
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