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Woodburn (1865-1952)

Opened on the Wansbeck Railway.


This was a single platform station, platform on the north/west side of the line, with a goods loop. The main station building, a single storey, was on the platform with a signal box (1893)closer to Morpeth. The goods yard was on the north side of the line, approached from the east, and with a loop.

There is no town at the former station, West Woodburn is to the north north west, about 3/4 of a mile away along the A68. East Woodburn is a similar distance to the north east. The platform was on the village, albeit distant, side of the station.

The line opened in 1865 with a minimal station here having a small building and one sidings of the goods yard, approached from the west.

The Wansbeck Railway closed to passengers in 1952 but remained open to goods until 1963 when the line to Reedsmouth Junction closed. After closure to conventional passenger trains troop trains continued for the Otterburn Camp some 7 miles away to the north. After three years as a goods terminus final closure was in 1966.

The station building is now a house and the platform remains. The goods yard is now further housing.

The Woodburn Quarries were to the south, served by a tramway from the east end of the station.

Between Woodburn and Reedsmouth Junction at The Steele was Broomhope Quarry a sizeable iron ore quarry. A siding from Steele Junction and a further siding closer to Woodburn with kilns served the quarries.

After closure it became the site of Vicker's Ridsdale Range (a munitions and artillery testing facility for Armstrong's factory Elswick Works). The site was served by a siding from Steele Junction.

A halt was located at Steele Junction for Vickers and another halt was located at Ray House (Halt) for Charles Parsons who owned Ray Demesne nearby.

From Broomhill Siding a tramway, Catcleugh Reservoir Railway, ran to Catcleugh Reservoir during its construction.

Stiddlehill Colliery, to the east of the station, was served by a siding running south.


Habitancum Roman Fort is to the north west, on the east bank of the River Rede. Roman Britain - Habitancum




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